Technical Assistance

Take advantage of these services offered to you by a supplier, and avoid costs and investments that could be channeled into other important parts of your business.

BENECKE boasts their own technical team directed towards the rendering of services. It is composed of highly qualified engineers and installation technicians, who will instill safety, trust, and satisfaction through the fulfilling of their clients' expectations and needs.

Telephone - (47) 3382-2222
Fax - (47) 3382-2290
E-mail -



Rua Fritz Lorenz, 2170 - Bairro Industrial
Timbó - Santa Catarina - Brasil
CEP: 89120-000
Caixa Postal 25


Telefone Beneck Fone: 55 (47) 3382-2222
FAX Beneck FAX: 55 (47) 3382-2290
E-mail Beneck E-mail: