Kurt and Heinrich Benecke founded Benecke Irmãos & Cia Ltda. September 10 , 1953. The business initiated its activities in a 66 m² area location, on the street Rua Benjamin Constant, in Timbó (in the state of Santa Catarina), in the Vale Europeu region. Machines and water pump maintenance were the focus of the new business. The same year, the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders was the inspiration for the fabrication of the first cut wood stove.
Directing their production towards the lumber industry, the business introduces veneer jointers and glue mixers into the market.
Expanding its facilities and range of products, the company starts the process of projecting, fabricating, and installing continuous wood veneer dryers, continuous mechanical paste dryers, and continuous smoke stem dryers, as well as the traditional cut wood stoves.
Due to an increased demand for their equipment, the company started the construction of a new 400 m² production unit, located in the same city (where the current central office is located), in the region of Vale Europeu. In the same year, the a need for new challenges was identified, and the company entered into the world of boilers, for which it has earned recognition nationally and internationally.
An important event occurred in 1991 when the splitting of the company assets gave way to the opportunity for Kurt (i.m.) and Kurt Emil Benecke to take control of the company assets. Since then, the company has looked to diversify and constantly optimize its product line.
 Looking to ensure the best quality of equipment possible, the company established a Quality Improvement process, including risk prevention and the program "5's."

In the year of its 50th anniversary, BENECKE adopts the following philosophy of quality:

"An excellence in quality will be reached through continuous improvements to our equipment, services, productivity, and professional competence. The conquering of new markets represents the expansion of our organization. This will ensure the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers, collaborators, and management."
Benecke begins to work towards sustainability, initiating the recuperation of native flora around the factory itself, which is on the shore of the Bendito River. More the 400 trees are planted.
Benecke launched the program "Green Seal" (Selo Verde) as part of the fight against the uncontrolled growth of cities, with the objective of placing their products within the sustainable consumption awareness movement.
Aiming for new markets, Benecke invested in technology and the growth of its production park, and in less than eight months constructed 5,000 m².
To preserve the environment, the business approved the construction of an ETE waste treatment facility, with the ability to treat up to 210,000.00 m³ of water per day.
In this period,  Benecke establishes a workplace exercise program in the machinery, electricity, receiving, PPCP, warehouse, and technical department areas.
Benecke started the year off on the right foot, working on its new expansion, now totaling 18,500 m² of constructed area under the direction of  the engineer Kurt Emil Benecke and the administrator Henriete Colussi Oliva Benecke.
Over its 57 years, BENECKE has made large investments in technology with the objective of improving the quality of its products. Therefore, its customers do not only have their needs satisfied: their investment is also quickly returned to them. It is this focus that BENECKE brings to the entire Brazilian and Latin American region (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Rep., Uruguay and Venezuela), as well as to continental Africa (Congo, Guinea-Bissau) and the United Stated (North Carolina).


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Timbó - Santa Catarina - Brasil
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