Who We Are

Founded in 1953 by the brothers Kurt and Henrich Benecke in the city of Timbó (in the state of Santa Catarina), in the Vale Europeu region, Benecke Irmãos & Cia Ltda., was founded as a business dedicated to the maintenance of machinery and water pumps.

Throughout its history, Benecke had incorporated machines targeted at the lumber industry into its product line. However, a need for new challenges was identified, and the company entered into the world of boilers, for which it has earned recognition nationally and internationally.

Since 1999, under the direction of the engineer Kurt Emil Benecke and the administrator Henriete Colussi Oliva Benecke, the production space grew and was able to open new markets, and create innovations in technology and in products.

With an area of 186,575 m² (18,500 m² of constructed space), Benecke has showed an important performance in the national and international market, exporting to countries such as: Argentina - Chile - Bolivia - Paraguay - Uruguay- Peru - Ecuador - Venezuela - Costa Rica - Honduras - Dominican Republic - Congo (Africa) - Guinea-Bissau -  United States (North Carolina), among others.

Always up to date and every day more present in the markets, Benecke is proud to foster sustainable global development, with equipment that respect the environment and contribute to the growth of a conscious society responsible for future generations.

"Innovation is key": This value has been put into practice throughout the history of Benecke, since its foundation. Therefore, with the goal of focusing its communication and commercial strategies on the market, the directors of the business decided to create the two Business Units. These units were designed with the aim of centralizing all activities, directing the production of boilers and their accessories for the Boilers Unit and the machines in the   Machines/Equipment Unit.


Rua Fritz Lorenz, 2170 - Bairro Industrial
Timbó - Santa Catarina - Brasil
CEP: 89120-000
Caixa Postal 25


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